Running OES2 SP2 with NSS volumes and DST on all data volumes.

We have 1 application (KALKIA) that uses both automatic saving of datafiles, and versionhandling.

Example:. A project file is opened on the server (.prj)
Automatic saving is set at every 2 mins. and a file is created (.bk$)

This works fine...

Project History (versioning) is set a 2 copies and activated:
At every save we get an error and the versionning files (.bk1 and .bk2 are not created).

If we do this on a non-DST volume there are no problems, also doing it with files on the local PC also works fine.

Enabling or disabling oplocks mode 2 has no effect on this issue - only removing a shadow volume from the data volumes in question will make the error go away.

We have talked to the developers of KALKIA, and they explain the save mechanism like this:.

When .prj files are opened data is read into RAM
When save butoom os pressed data in RAM is written into .prj file

Automatic Saving: data from RAM is saved to .bk$ file at intervals (not touching the.prj file)

With Versioning: When save button is pressed data in .prj file is copied into .bk1 file + then data from RAM is saved to .prj file (so we are manipulating data in a open .prj file and saving this in a .bk1 file)

What is the deal with DST messing this up ?