Here is the scenario:

New application hosted by vendor. It is running on terminal server
(Win2k). Everything works fine for a single user in our environment. I
can leave the single session open and unattended for 10-15 minutes (longer
too) without incident. A second session can be established (actually, I
have had as many as 10), but when there are 2 or more sessions, we are
experiencing server timeout errors and the connections are terminated.

Our server config is as follows:

Netware 6 SP4
BM 3.7 SP3

Workstations are predominantly Win98SE.

It would appear to be a proxy issue but I am not certain how to fix this.
Is there a way to bypass proxy through terminal services for this
address? I know there is a setting in IE but does this impact terminal

Thanks for any help.

Steve D.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?