I have a NW6.5 SP8 machine running as a VM on VMWare ESXi 4. I've got a problem in load stage 3, where something isn't loading, but I cannot tel exactly what it is. I've tried re-applying SP8, but that did not solve the issue. Does anyone know how to edit the loadstage configuration? There seems to be a bad character inserted into the load command. It's failing right after PMLODR.NLM. Whatever the problem is, it's keep eDir from starting when it's supposed to. Here's a paste from the console screen:

Processing stage 3 loading of nlms.
Loading module CCS.XLM [ OK ]
Controlled Cryptography Services from Novell, Inc.
Version 27510.02a August 25, 2008
Copyright 1995-2008 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.
Patent No. 5,933,503.
Portions Copyright 1990-2006 RSA Data Security, Inc.
All Digitally Signed Objects successfully loaded.
Loading module PMLODR.NLM [ OK ]
SERVER-5.70-151: Unable to find load file LOAD
??? Unknown command ???

Processing stage 4 loading of nlms.
Loading Module POLIMGR.NLM [ OK ]