OK, the reason for the question first.
We are on NW6.5 and GW8. We are not entitled to OES (NW is not under
maintenance) but we are entitled to SLES as GroupWise is maintained.

To run the next version of GW we need to move off NetWare. So what do we do?

I was told, by Novell themselves AND a consultant who works with both Novell
and Windows, that GroupWise on Windows is comparably slow. Noticeably slower
than NetWare and Linux. I was told also that because of Windows being
inherantly unstable (needing reboots etc) it was a no brainer.

Now I'm being told Windows runs GroupWise absolutely fine, as long as your
hardware is up to spec.

Hopefully this post reaches consultants who have experience of both, and
more importantly, someone running it on Windows after migrating from NW?

I did not plan on using new hardware, as the MAIL box is a little over 1
year old as it is (DL380 G6 6GB RAM, Xeon X5550).

I welcome any opinions either way, thanks in advance.