We have been trying to install Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack in our organization, but have run into a problem I haven't been ablt to solve.

We installed SLES 11 from the distribution that comes with Data Sync download with default options into a VMWare server, fixed IP in our DMZ, etc, etc. The server runs fine. When we try to install Data Sync we go to "Add-On Products" browse to the ISO to create a new repository (which IS created, BTW), some scripts run, we get the EULA and Accept, some more scripts run, and then we go back to the original Add-On Products screen, with nothing listed. From what I can see we should be going to the Software Manager and selecting Patterns. If I go there manually Data Synchronizer is not listed under patterns?

This seems to be a script problem, but I'm really not sure. I've tried everything I Can think of.... any ideas?