I think I already know the answer to this but thought I'd post to see if anyone has found a way to do it/work around it.

We created a server group and set up a registration rule to automatically add specific servers to the group when they registered. Once the servers registered, we wanted to assign a policy to only specific members of that group. However, via the WebUI, there does not seem to be a way to do this efficiently. You can go to the group and "select" members by clicking the check box and then assigning the policy but that ends up assigning the policy to the entire group and not to the devices that were checked (which was a bit misleading). The other option (of course) is to assign the policy to the entire group which did not fit our situation. The third option is to select the policy and then drill down through the folder hierarchy to the specific devices that you want to assign the policy to (which to me, circumvents the usefulness of the Group object quite a bit).

So, does anyone have a better solution other than creating additional groups (have one primary group and then create additional groups specific to our needs of which the servers would be members of both groups) or should this be an enhancement request to Novell?