We continue to struggle with intermittently slow logins in our environment. In testing, we noticed that logins are very fast (10-20 seconds) when only the Novell Client is installed, and very fast (~10 seconds) when only the ZCM agent is installed. However, when they are both installed, logins slow down, sometimes to 1.5 minutes or longer.

We have checked DNS and rDNS, and they are both configured properly. SLP is working properly as demonstrated by the fast logins when only the client is installed. We use LDAP for user lookup, and it also works very fast to resolve user names (~ 1 second).

We are using ZCM 10.3.1, and the client is fully patched as well (both Novell Client 2 and 4.91)

Are there any specific settings (for the ZCM agent or the client itself) that might address this issue?