I've been scratching my head for a couple of days attempting to get all our users in Teaming. A number of posts reported the same problem we had: only a random selection of users entered the system, while the majority didn't.

Not sure if it affects everyone, but if it helps someone it's worth the post.

This will sound strange, but bear with me.

We have a simple tree, edir, all users are either in 1 of 2 containers. Only users from 1 container synched in. Didn't matter what dn was used, I could only get 40 out of 90 users in the first ou in and none in the second. Used LDAP browsing software to verify that all mapped fields were populated and that the filtering was using the correct mapped fields. Everything worked out fine, yet I couldn't get everyone in.

I then attempted to login those users not synching in to see if it would work. And it did! I did a couple more and it still worked. Wouldn't synch, but they could log in.

Finally showed the boss and logged in. Boss was in the system. Couldn't login... bad user name or password. Attempted to log in a couple more times. Are you sure it's your password? Still nothing.

Went back to the LDAP browser to see what the problem could be. Found it. UID was different from CN.... (which explained why when changing dn from uid to cn it always modified that one account, which didn't register at the time.) Changed UID to match CN. Then synched up LDAP and 97 users came in! All users from both containers.

Not sure if the changing of the UID to match the CN or the attempt to login with wrong UID did the trick, but it working now.

If you're having crazy LDAP issues I hope this helps.