I have a user who has about 30 folders in their Cabinet. You move e-mails into various folders, minutes later they appear back in the Mailbox. Nothing unuaual about this user. Has anywhere from 50-1000 e-mails in the 30 folders. This just started happening last week. I ran all the usual mailbox/library maintenance with nothing fixing the issue. I finally had to re-create user database which fixed the issue. I now have another user having the same problem. Has anyone run into this? I don't want this occuring as having to re-create the user database is not the answer. Espically with so many e-mails in folders the users don't want to have to go through them all again and move into the cabinet.

Groupwise 8.0.2 installed on Netware 6.5 sp 8, client 8.0.2