I'm getting this error on a workstation but all other workstations are fine.

The unique thing about this workstation is that it hasn't been used in a few
months, certainly longer than our 17 day DHCP lease time. I did a refresh
on the BM server but that didn't make any difference. In this case, the
DHCP address is - machines with both higher and lower
addresses get out just fine. User login makes no diffference - I have more
rights than God on this network :) and I can't get out on this workstation,

I have set up the proxy setting in IE a gazillion times, and erased and
reentered them on this machine, and that's not it, either.

I'm stumped - any ideas? C32 4.90 SP2, Netware 5.1 SP8, clntrust is loaded
in the system login script from the PUBLIC folder, I can PING www.novell.com
from a DOS box successfully but cannot point my browser to www.novell.com
without getting the 403 error. Workstation OS at all machines at this site
is XP/Pro.

Thanks in advance.