Hi !.
We have a BM 3.7 Sp 3 installed and a VPN implemented.
Lately, we have observed a rare thing going on over the night.
Once we finish the day, the next morning we cant really browse.
Every page we want to see like, for instance


gets replaced for www.freeservers.com, and no matter what web you want to
access, this freeservers.com shows up.
If we try to unload proxy to do a proxy -cc, the server abends, so we
reset server and bring server up without loading BM, do a proxy -cc,
unload proxy and finally load BM.

I ahve 2 questions regarding this issues :

1. How can I block this freeservers.com from corrupting our proxy cache.
2. Is there a way to clear the proxy cache without having to bring down
the server ?.

thanx a lot