We missed some important groupwise addressbooks for some users!

Some of our users doesn't have all the addressbooks in GW.
normally we have 4
1. Novell Groupwise Addressbook
2. Novell LDAP addressbook
3. %username%
4. Preferred list

The problem users has only 1,2,4 But missed the %username% (the personal addressbook).

But the problem is i can't add it. Tried it to add the novell personal addressbook but it is showing as "Preferred List" in groupwise.
Tried several things but no success.

So the question now is, how can i add the "Adressbook book %username%" to groupwise user.
Under services everything looks oke. There are 3 services in the profile. But groupwise doesn't show the %username% addressbook.

Who can help me?