Hi all,

I'm on XPSP2, Client32 4.91, BM3.8SP3, NW6SP5. Using Transparent proxy.

When accessing secure sites using Firefox, I sometimes get a message
saying there is "Certificate mismatch" and that the certificate
presented is from the Border Manager server, but the certificate belongs
to the site I am trying to access. If I tell it to go ahead anyway, I
get a "document contains no data" message, and the site comes up blank.

In IE, I get a message about the certifcate and when I tell it to go
ahead, I get a BM login screen and after logging in, I get a message
saying that I need to access the site again, after which, it works ok.

CLNTRUST is running and shows xero success, zero failures.

Turning off TLS makes no difference to this behavior.

Any suggestions, anyone?


Ken McLeod
The Delphian School