I'm not sure if this is the right forum but here goes...

We can't delete folders from our 2 SLES OES2 servers NSS volumes using Windows 7 and Novell Client 2(IR3). When you delete the folders, they disappear until you do a folder refresh. Speaking of that view-refresh does not properly refresh the folders for that matter.

Steps to duplicate - go to a drive mapped to a Novell SLES OES2 NSS volume - click on a folder and delete it. Go up several levels and click back down to the containing folder and the folder is back. No errors are displayed and nothing has the folder open. This does not occur on a Netware NSS volume.

File only deletions do not seem to be affected. This is from multiple Windows 7 computers. If you delete the files from a Windows XP computer, they delete just fine.

I am at a loss as to what to check next. I've rebooted one of the servers and the workstations multiple times. I'm about to try to delete if the drive is mapped via CIFS. I'm wondering if this is a Novell Client 2 problem.