We have a SLES DHCP server at a different site and behind a firewall (Juniper) from our eDirectory tree. The DHCP server has options 78-SLP Directory Agent, 79-SLP Service Scope, 86-NDS tree name. We have are having a couple issues with this:

1) The client gets IP info but the DHCP options (SLPDA, Scope, Tree name) is not being set on the Novell Client 2 SP1 IR3 for Windows 7 pc's.. is this a known issue?

2) If we manually configure the client with these settings, it usually fails to find the tree through SLP. It can resolve the IP of the SLPDA. It works fine on a subnet not behind a firewall so guessing it might be the firewall messing with it.. but it is only sometimes which is the weird thing.

Any ideas?