We are in the process of upgrading our Netware 6.5 servers to SP8 so we can upgrade to GroupWise 8.02.

On a larger email server with a SAN connection, the upgrade appeared ok. But the NSS volume that is housed on the SAN will not mount with the "Mount ALL" command in the autoexec.ncf. I am able to mount the volume in the command line without issue. (the volume name is email)

If I try to mount the volume with the command "mount email" in the autoexec.ncf, it fails. The error log shows an error that pool is not active. No matter where I put the "Load email" command it is the same. But it works fine from the command prompt.

I also upgraded the NSS.nlms with the post sp3 updates.

We were at Netware 6.5 sp6 and moved to sp8. I took all of the driver updates that SP8 wanted to do.

Any ideas?