I've been using our current ZLM setup for almost two years. Today I have a problem. We have one primary server that successfully mirrors bundles from NCC. We have three secondary servers beneath that one to which I mirror selected bundles to. All has been working ok until now. The secondary servers are unable to see any catalogs on the primary server.

zlmmirror slc -c myfile.xml https://PrimaryServerIP | less

+================================================= ===================+
| Catalogs available from "https://PrimaryServer" (total found: 0) |
+===================+============================= =+=================+
| Catalog | Catalog (Full Name) | Target |
| | | |
+===================+============================= =+=================+
Catalogs displayed: 0

I'm thinking it's got something to do with platform versions. It's the same on all three secondary servers. All four server are SLES10sp2 i586

Any pointers please?