I have a problem happening in our environment with this years image, so I'm not sure if it was a windows update that broke zenworks or what not. The computers randomly do not apply Group Policy. You can see the Group Policy was copied to the computer and the settings show up in GPEDIT.MSC, but it does not take effect. If you run a GPUPDATE it doesn't put them into effect either. If you go into the Workstation Scheduler and refresh the Group Policy, it does take effect, but there is no command line way to do that.

We were running and older verison of ZDM7SP1 and tried upgrading the machines to 7SP1IR4HP4 to resolve the issue, but there was no change

To resolve it as a band aid until we go to ZCM, I set up a bat file that does an ugly job of repeating what the ZDM agent should be doing:

rd /s /q C:\windows\system32\grouppolicy

md C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy

attrib +H C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy

xcopy /E Z:\POL\GPO_STAFF\*.* C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy

gpupdate /Force

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated!