We are at ZCM 10.3, the agent we have deployed is 10.3.1. I have one user that when we first upgraded her PC from ZEN 7 to ZEN 10 her icons would show but they were the windows default icons that shows when the PC does not know which program to use to open a file. The icons do not work either. The icons would have the name of the bundle and .nal after it. ie: groupwise.nal The icons effected were on the quick launch and the desktop; however the icons on the start menu are fine. When she logs into another PC the icons are fine. We renamed her profile on the PC and the icons still come up incorrectly. We first fixed this by reimaging her computer and it has been working fine for 2 months, and today she called and all the icons on the quick launch and desktop are back to the "unknown" status.
The icons appear correct for the supervisor account on this PC.
Has anybody seen this issue before and how can we fix this?