Just a crazy .. feature(?) i've found with ZCM agent on WinXPsp3. I call it a "feature" because it's a bug by my own doing but odd none-the-less.

I deploy a GP with ZCM 10.3.0a that disabled the Windows "logoff" feature. The user has the option to shutdown or reboot. That's it.

That said, if ZCM refreshes and pulls a policy which it believes the machine should (normally) tell the user something to the effect of "Hey you need to logoff because changes have been made"... IF you have logoff disabled through GP, it will reboot the machine! As a matter of fact, it's not even prompting the user.

It took myself and another tech at my shop to catch it. So to all who read this, if you disable logoff and you randomly have a machine restart here and there.. now you know why! You need to unreg REreg the machine. That's what it took for us to fix the issue. Then the policies came down correctly.

To Novell Dev: If you could make ZCM actually log the user off instead of rebooting that would be great. I simply cannot allow logoff in my district.