A little background on this:

We use Zenworks 10.x for imaging computers. Our current environment up till now had been Windows 7 32 bit. We recently purchased some 64 bit machines and so I built a base system with all the same programs that I did when I built the 32 bit version of Windows 7 image.

One of the things that we use is Microsoft SQL 2005 Server Express. We have three different programs that install their own separate instances of this. If I ever needed to go and remove a particular instance of SQL I had no problems on the 32 bit machines. However, on the 64 bit machines that I pushed an image to, every single one of them I cannot remove the SQL instance from add/remove programs, and I usually get an error. Most notably, the 1603 error.

The problem is bad enough that I usually have to rip out all three programs and then manually remove SQL Server 2005 from the machine all the way down to the registry.

I went to my base machine that I built the image off of, and I was able to successfully uninstall SQL instances without issue, so I know that the source machine install of SQL is sound.

So does this mean that the during image capture or image deployment it's just screwing up?

One caveat though. On the 32 bit Win 7 image, I sysprepped it, but on the 64 bit one, I did not sysprep it before capture. Does this have any effect you think? Would appreciate any feedback anyone could supply here!