I'm attempting to get my Data Synchronizer up and running. I'm running GW8 on Linux, and I have a single primary domain, a single LDAP tree, and seven post offices. When I set up data synchronizer, the first PO that I set up (IT, of course :-) ) works fine - I add the users to the GW connector, then to the Mobility connector, and they synchronize fine. I then added the next GW connector, specifying the different POA settings for SOAP port, etc., and added users to that. However, when I add users to the mobility connector from those additional POs, they fail to sync. The only messages I can find are in the mobility-AppInterface log file, and they are like so:

2010-10-02 10:12:43.593 ERROR [Thread-82] [backgroundWorkMonitor:1344] [userID:cn=<REMOVED>] [eventID:] [objectID:] [Monitor] Initial 
Sync Error: Problem syncing folders for user - cn=<REMOVED>: exceptions must be classes or instances, not NoneType
2010-10-02 10:12:43.727 ERROR [Thread-82] [backgroundWorkMonitor:386] [userID:cn=<REMOVED>] [eventID:] [objectID:] [Monitor] Initial S
ync Error: Problem syncing e-mail for user - cn=<REMOVED>: Initial Sync Error: Problem on initial sync of email for user: cn=<REMOVED>
Any ideas what this means, and what I need to fix? Thanks!