I have 4 netware servers to migrate to OES2. One was completed successfully using Transfer id a few weeks ago. This weekend I attempted another.

The last part of the transfer id failed with LUM errors that it couldnít access lum objects admingroup, www etc. As we have had one successful migration these objects do exist in the tree and are lum enabled. The /etc/nam.conf was modified prior to starting the transfer id to point to the ldap server with the master replica. I did create too many projects which I think caused me the lum errors which I couldn't get past. With the source server turned off I followed a TID dated 2009 for this LUM error and modified the unix object which had been created to be members of the groups it required, (luckily I had the previously migrated server unix object to compare to) quit the migration software and rebooted the server and then ran ndsrepair. No errors. I did not migrate any services.

Further investigation revealed errors relating to obtaining the SSLCert but it has not expired and despite the Ďcanít get ití messages the files .der and .pem appeared in the correct folders on the target server. I did copy the .der file to the required location naming it with the ipaddress as per manual instructions. The target server now has a case of dual identity. The nss volumes are mounted ok and the users can map drives using the source server name but the Suse Linux server still thinks that itís the pre-migration server when I run a terminal session. Ifconfig shows the correct source server ip. Consoleone is another story. The volume objects are the old ones and the new ones with pools are not showing. From the users viewpoint it works.

Before I do more damage can someone please point me in the right direction. The target name did change to the source before the restart so therefore I should just need to do the hostname rename manually. Should I start at step 7 in the manual instructions in an attempt to fix this server or should I abandon it and start again?