Sorry, I have posted this message in a wrong place (Storage/backup). I think the right place is here.

So many parameteres to look at. We migrated our servers from Nw to Sles 10 sp3 oes2. And it was from phyical server to VmWare. Now when copying many small files (1.5-2 GB) to this new servers, we always end up some where getting the error message "The specified network name is no longer available", and the copy stops. I have tried this on different Vlans and different OES Linux servers, I keep getting the same massage. I can copy part by part without problems or after many attempts, then they get copied. Where do I start trouble shooting this problem. The client has the lattest updates, the OES servers too. I tried with Netware copy, but same issue. I put a ping command to see if I was really loosing connections to the servers, but no, ping was ok