Hi all.

Zen 10.3a running on Win 7 x86.
I have a bundle which runs a script, then does a ZAC PR command.
- The bundle relationship is to workstations.
- This bundle is run when no users are logged into the machine.
- The bundle actions run as system.

The script deletes all printers of a certain type (uses VBS WMI). This works fine.
The script then does a ZAC PL and counts the amount of policies associated. This works fine - the ZAC PL outputs to a text file on the C drive where ALL printer policies can be seen in this file.

The ZAC PR command then runs.
Zenworks reports this as working fine - zcc local logs show success. Even the event viewer shows no errors. We have various printer policies through iPrint where the printers should be installed by way of the policies -- However, no printers are installed.

Is this normal behaviour?

ZCC log:
[DEBUG] [10/04/2010 11:44:53.023] [1232] [ZenworksWindowsService] [29] [] [ZMD] [] [Processing Command for handler policy-refresh] [] []
[DEBUG] [10/04/2010 11:44:58.338] [1232] [ZenworksWindowsService] [29] [] [ZMD] [] [Finished Processing Command for handler policy-refresh. Result = SUCCESS] [] []

How would I push out printers when nobody is logged in?
We have 8 printers on each workstation in certain areas - I would rather this is not installed when a user is logged in (as we have to remove other printers first leaving the user with no printers at all for a period of time which generates support calls).