We have a custom archive-solution for GW (running as a windows service)
which (temporarily) creates a folder in the GW-Client folder-root to
store draft messages in.
Later these draft-messages are deleted (moved to the trash).
After all messages have been processed the LastRetentionDate property
and LastBackupDate of the GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account6 instance is set
to the current date and time. After that we iterate over the
TrashEntry's and call theire Delete() method.

Now the "strange" thing is, that the first time Delte() is called
nothing happens. At least nothing "notable". No exception is thrown but
the messages keep existing in the trash in the GroupWise client.
With no exception thrown, our service deletes the temporary directory.
On the next "run" the service notes that there are still messages which
are to be deleted, and so starts calling theire Delete() methods (on the
TrashEntry instance) again.
This time an exception is thrown noting that the "Folder object not
found" (or such alike - we run the german version so the message is
"Ordnerobjekt nicht gefunden".

It is not possible to delete these messagees from the trash by hand via
GroupWise as well - at least not right away. There is no error and the
messages "disapear" from the trash-view. But after selecting (e.g.) the
Mailbox-folder and returning to the trash-folder the messages are back.

When the GW-client is restarted it is possible to delete the mentioned
messages from the trash by hand - although sometimes it will take
several minutes until GW "accepts" this.

This (messages do not get deleted not even by hand) only happens with
smpart-purge enabled. I assume that the "folder-not-found" exception
would be thrown as well without smart-purge enabled, but as the messages
get deleted right away the temporary folder always still exists on the
delete calls.

I think that GW is not "updating" (or accepting) the new retention date
right away and a call to the Account6's Refresh() method did not change
anything neither.
Does anyone has experienced this behaviour and/ or has a solution or
workaround for this?

We use GroupWise-Client 8.0.1 26.08.2009 on XP Pro SP2.

Thanks a lot in advance!
Gabriel Jost