I am running EPM 4.1.221 and am currently unable to get client computers to check in. The error reported is:

<Entry Stamp='2010-10-04 13:27:38:0286' Level='Warning' Category='Check In' Event='Failed to download credential'><![CDATA[
MS URL: https://myserver.leanderisd.org/auth...erservice.asmx
Error: 0x00000001: Incorrect function.]]>

The security client is set up in Computer mode, and is authenticating to Active Directory.

I've performed the troubleshooting recommended in TID 3788192 to no avail. There are no SOAP errors in the event viewer and I can access the URL referenced in the TID with no certificate prompting.

The domain controller chosen for the AD source is not a PDC emulator and does contain a global catalog.

Can anyone recommend any further troubleshooting ideas?