I have two NetWare 6.5.2 servers running BM 3.8.3. They are actually in a
cluster configuration without shared storage. That has all been working
well. I had clustered the default gateway out and all of my addresses that
are nat'd from the outside in. No problems there.

I had not clustered the http proxy yet, but have since to help troubleshoot

The symtoms are this. Two identical workstations sitting next to each other
in the same switch. Both have the same ZEN image on them. Both login as
the same user. Both connect to the same BM server. One surfs the internet
just fine. The other never does anything except timeout. They are both
running the same clntrust. When I run dwntrust.exe the one that works,
gives the error that you are not logged in. The other still just times

I have done packet captures of both machines from the BM server itself. Of
course the one looks normal. The one that doesn't work, the whole
conversation is 4 packets. The server does respond with an ack.

When I force the machine that doesn't work over to the inactive http proxy
it works just fine. Both machines work through that one, but not the

Now that the http proxy is a cluster resource as well, I can see if it is
simply load or the physical server and see if it is fixed by rebooting
without disrupting users.

Any suggestions?