Upgrade process Question.
To upgrade from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2 (on NetWare 6.5.8)
Please let me explain the steps I think I need to do and let me know if I should Modify my procedure.
run setup.exe from 8.0.2 Download, and choose "Update".
Then Select Update Agents to Install Software, but do not Configure the Agents.
Do this to Primary Domain
Do this to GWIA and Webaccess on Primary Domain
Start Primary Domain MTA and GWIA and Webaccess.
In the setup.exe, again select Update Agents to install Software but do not configure the agents.
Update the Secondary Domain.
Start MTA on Secondary Domain.
Update the Post Offices on the Secondary Domain.
Start the Post Offices.

After all is working, Update the Clients.

Are there any procedures or Order of steps I should modify?