OK, first, my apologies if I'm overlooking the obvious but I'm not seeing what I'm really looking for and I'm hoping that least someone could point me in the right direction. :)

What I've been tasked to setup is a way for internal users to have folders that they can maintain for external clients, so our internal users can publish material to certain external groups. Ideally they would be able to setup usernames/passwords to restrict the ftp access, but I do not really want them to be adding/remove users in eDirectory.

I was thinking I could turn to iFolder for this, but what I'm seeing makes me think that iFolder is more useful for a user accessing their own files, not giving other people access to them. Of course, we've not used iFolder here so perhaps it is possible and I'm giving it short shrift. I've looked a little at PureFTP, but I don't trust our internal users to log into the shell and create user account for the external users within PureFTP, and I also don't know how well that would work with Apache for an http daemon. Is there any other Novell offering that might do the trick anyone can suggest, or even perhaps a third party offering that would run on OES Linux? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!