When I first setup my first primary server, I had it on OES2. Obviously this means I cannot use the default ports of 80/443

So I used 81 and 8443

I setup a SECOND Primary server on plain SLES, so that one IS using 80/443

My workstations got the ZAA from the first primary and were using the 81/8443

To test something with server rules, I created a new server rule and EXCLUDED the default server rules.

I set the IP address range x.x.x.x/23 and ADDED the second primary server to all four roles so it could do authentication

Rebooted workstation and now it won't let me login (you get the generic error message that your credentials are wrong, but I know they're not wrong because I logged into the Novell client first, with same credential set).

So I'm now wondering if for some reason the ZAA is trying to contact that secondary server on port 81 and 8443?