Hello anybody,

today i ran into following problem. From all my SLED-boxes i get the message back:

Fehler bei der Bundle-Installation: "Failed to prepare bundles for install: Unresolved dependencies: Updating freetype2-2.1.10-18.20.x86_64[System packages] to freetype2-2.1.10-18.22.1.x86_64[Mandatory Bundles] There are no installable providers of zlib-devel for freetype2-2.1.10-18.22.1.x86_"

I know, the problem is, that the zlib-devel rpm is not installed. Now my fundamentally question. How can i assign a repository to all of my machines where the zlib-devel is included. In the sled10sp3-dvd it is included, but this repo isn't assigned anymore.

I have a bundle called "SLED10-SP3-Pool-bundle" assigned, which contains 4538 rpms (also zlib-devel). I thought this should be enough to resolve the dependencies. But it don't.

Was this the right way, or must a dvd-iso, or a nfs-mount (with the installation source) assigned.

Can anybody tell me a way to assign a repository via zlm that resolve all potential dependencies when i assign bundles to my sled-boxes?