Under ZDM we have several app objects that do a copy *.* off of a public NSS volume down to a local folder. I know this is one of those things ZDM did easily because the workstations logged into eDirectory. Since that's no longer an option with ZCM, what is the best way to accomplish this task? I've tried several file and folder copy bundles that either distribute or launch as the user, but nothing works consistently. I've tried launching/distributing at user login, device boot, etc and sometimes the action works, but more often than not I get a GenericActions.UnexpectedError{Could not find the directory "\\servername\volume\Folder\".}, even though the location is fully accessible if I browse to it. I've tried much of the suggestions that are already up on these forums and each one seems to work for a while and then fail. FYI, we're running ZCM 10.3.1 on Linux and the machines I'm trying to get this to work on are Win 7 with the NW Client and ZCM agent version

I'm very new to ZCM so I apologize if I've left any pertinent info out of this post. Any assistance would be much appreciated.