We are using ZCM 10.3.1 and the August 2010 Imaging CD to create and
restore Windows 7 images to wiped conventional and solid state drives.
We have been running the Windows 7 Experience Index tool to check disk
performance. We are in the process of moving towards use of solid state
drives and want to be sure we are getting the best possible performance.
We have identical model laptops with the same SSD where some will score
a 7.1 on the disk performance and others will score 5.9.

In the process of doing more research on solid state drives, we came
across some info that mentioned the need to have the partition aligned
for best performance.

So far we have found that if a laptop had Windows 7 installed directly
to the solid state drive from the Windows 7 DVD, the partition is
aligned (determined by taking the partition starting offset and dividing
it by 4096 - result should be an integer if aligned). These laptops
score at least a 6.9 on the Windows 7 disk performance test.

On a laptop that had an image laid down using Zenworks the partition
always ends up misaligned. These laptops typically score a 5.9 on the
Windows 7 disk performance test.

Has anyone else noticed a partition alignment problem when using
Zenworks imaging ?