From what I can tell in the TIDs, the BM proxy does not append the local
domain name to browser url requests.

We are running BM3.8SP3...

We have our proxy.pac/wpad configuration setup to bypass the proxy for our
internal domain, but when people enter just a server name into a browser
address bar, such requests get sent to the BM proxy (since they aren't being
interpreted by the proxy.pac/wpad configuration as being part of our
domain), and BM returns a Gateway Unknown message since it doesn't append
the local domain name to the request.

The server names are fully configured in DNS - if you ping 'students' on any
workstation (or even the bordermanager box) it correctly resolves to (our netmail box) after appending the domain name. It just doesn't
work that way when it goes through the browser.

Is there something we can do to get browser requests to 'students' to
correctly resolve to ''? I assume I could tweak the
proxy.pac/wpad files further to bypass the proxy when someone enters just
'students' alone, but that seems a weak solution, as we'd have to do that
for every such internal server we wanted to resolve to, and it would be
easier if we could somehow do it globally.

Many thanks for any ideas!