I have an 8.0.2 POA running on SLES 10 SP2 that is crashing randomly with occasional PO DB corruption. This seems to have started when we upgraded to 8.0.2. No problems at all at 8.0.1.

Here's the details:
8.0.2 POA
SLES 10 SP2, OES 2 SP1
NSS volume
Started using Teaming 2.1 after upgrade to 8.0.2
Started using Datasync for GW soon after upgrade to 8.0.2

POA logs indicate no problem leading up to crash (they're not verbose since I can't predict when a crash will happen). Nothing in NSS logs or /var/log/messages. Just goes down.

When I do have the POA set to verbose logging I do see this after GMS and DataSync log users in via SOAP:
07:31:51 584 SOAP command:[loginRequest] requested from ::ffff:<IP addr removed>   User session(<user ID removed>)
07:32:08 584 The database facility reported error [8209] on wphost.db
Any ideas where else to look for errors? Any ideas what's going on here?