I am having troubles with the current tg3 driver in the 10.3.1 bootcd.iso it is not compatible with my hardware. I have attempted to download the linux src from the manufacturer and generate the tg3.ko file and rebuild the initrd and then place this in my iso. Essentially I think this is working as expected except for the following, and I was hoping someone may give me further insight as to what might be the problem. The bootcd.iso boots to the bash prompt and I can begin to specify the details for creating my image and then ZEN displays the following error "Unable to connect to Preboot Server. The Product licence might have expired." and drops back to the bash prompt with a segmentation fault. I understand this can be a very generic error. The same bootcd on another piece of hardware with a different nic still works correctly, so I am assuming that there is something wrong with the driver I am using but I was hoping for some ideas of what to check. I noticed some forum posts relating to ensuring you are compiling with the right kernel, but I am not sure how to check what the correct kernel would be for the 10.3.1 imaging engine. I am using sles 11 and my kernel is 2.6.32.

The driver for my device appears to have been correct in the 10.1 bootcd.iso, is there anyway I can use this driver with the 10.3.1 bootcd.iso.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.