Had posted this before, got a reply from someone having the same issues, but no replies with any ideas. I have some new information about the same box, though...

Previous post included this information:
BM38SP3 fresh install on a NW65 box. Just started getting this error in the past week or two; Border has been running since June 1, 2005 with no problems.

"Novell proxy encountered a fatal error: Overflowed header area in startWrite"

Did a search in the KB, got TID 10085747, which explains the problem reasonably well...for BM3.7 Since I'm 3.8, not sure that it applies. Also, says:

This was fixed in PXY043 dated Sep3, 2003 or later. "

File search on PXY043 yields no results. I have the Interim releases 1 & 2 for 3.8SP3, but I'm hesitant to apply a beta patch, especially since it doesn't appear to address this particular issue.

Am also now getting abends on the server. No particular error code, just "running process suspended" at the console. Also, when I go to the Proxy screen, I see that SAS didn't initialize due to Invalid KeyID. Thus, SSL does not initialize. Thus, bind error for SSL in the list of listeners. SSL seems to work, though, from the client end...

Abend log will not paste in this window, for some reason...attaching it instead.

Thanks for any help,