Dear all,

I am having a problem with some desktops that use GW client. When in Firefox browsing through web sites, I click on email links (mailto:) and nothing happens. Computers that suffer from this problem appear to have it in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I have compared a machine that works with a machine that does not and cannot find much difference. The GW client build is the same. The relevant registry settings are also the same.

The one thing I found that could point to the problem was my failed attempt to re-creating an association of GW as the default mail client software in Firefox. I tried to go to Tool->options->application->Mailto: and tried to re-add the mailto.exe association under 'use other'. I found that in computers that work - this is already set up with a white and blue icon. If I try to recreate the association as above, the icon appears as a green groupwise circular icon. With this I would click on a mail link and nothing would happen.

I hope this problem is well explained. Of course I am more than happy to clarify any point.

I would appreciate your assistance.