Is it normal for workstations to continuously write to this folder? I'm seeing lots of msgs here that seem to be continuously getting written. They are filenames like:


And they vary in their content, but this is an example of one of them:

<Message><MessageId><![CDATA[Thu Sep 30 09:14:15 2010]]></MessageId><Severity><![CDATA[1]]></Severity><ProcessId><![CDATA[3896]]></ProcessId><ProcessName><![CDATA[nzrWinVNC]]></ProcessName><ThreadId><![CDATA[3484]]></ThreadId><Time><![CDATA[1285852455000]]></Time><ComponentName><![CDATA[Remote Management]]></ComponentName><MessageType><![CDATA[0]]></MessageType></Message>

The only thing consistent about them is they seem (at least the ones I've looked at) to have nzrWinVNC in them.