We are having login issues at a new site. The Novell client is sometimes able to find the tree, sometimes not. The site's subnet is connected over a VPN and firewall to the corporate network where the SLPDA's and eDirectory servers exist.

To try and get this working we have even manually set the SLPDA's on the client but it still randomly works/doesn't work. We even setup a local Netware server on the clients subnet with a replica of the user objects partition (not tree object partition).

My understanding of the login process is if the tree button is clicked it will contact the SLPDA's it has listed and if fails it will do a multicast to find an SLPDA. If you enter the IP address of a replica server in the tree/server field it should skip SLP and contact the server directly. I have tried the IP of the local and remote eDirectory servers but same result.

The firewall is set to allow all for testing. On the local Netware server I can login to Console One fine. I have tried on Windows 2000 and Windows 7 clients and its a random result. If we use the same client with the same settings on the corporate subnet it works fine.

This is driving me crazy.. it should either work or not work.

I have run out of things to try.. please help!!!