Is it possible to restore an end-user email inbox from tape backup without having to restore the entire GW post office where the end-user is located?

Our department recently implemented GroupWise 8Sp2 running on OES 2 Sp2 Linux and our clients use the GroupWise client runing on Windows XP Sp3

Today, one of our end users deleted all of her inbox messages by mistake and asked us to restore her files, being new at GroupWise, we decided to look this up and could not believe that the only way to recover email messages from an end-user GW account is to restore an entire post office from tape in order to create a restoration point:

Cool Solutions: Restoring GroupWise E-mails and Accounts

We contacted Novell and the tech confirmed this; however, the person we chatted with did not seem knowledgeable enough so I wanted to confirm this with you guys.

I refuse to believe that in order to recover less than 1MB worth in end-user messages I would need to restore an entire post office, which is larger than 50GB in size!

Please clarify this for me.

Many Thanks,