My apologies if this is not the correct newsgroup, but I'm not sure where
this problem should be posted.

I have BM38SP3 running on Netware OES SP4, but the problem existed in SP3
as well. We have a T1 coming into the BM public NIC.

In the evenings when we are not busy, I can connect to the Novell forums
with GroupWise and I can ftp to any website with no problem. During the
day as the system gets busy, I get time-out errors connecting to and I cannot connect to any ftp site without
timing out. I have verified this with cuteftp and with the ftp program
built into DreamWeaver, from several different workstations. Web browsing
and email is very quick all the tiem and does not seem to be affected.

If I connect my workstation to a hub between our Internet router and the BM
public NIC, everything works fine so I'm assuming this is something in the
BM. I am not sure what changed, but this used to all work perfectly. Our
line gets busy, but is no where near saturated according to our ISP.

I have taken a packet trace from the BM public interface and I can see the
SYN packets going out as I try to ftp, but I cannot see and ACK packets
coming back in.

If I reset the BM during the day, it fixes everthing for a while and then I
start timing out again.

I have tried applying some of the setting changes in TID 10018669 and they
appear to have had no effect. Since we had a 12 GB cache on one cache
volume, I folowed the advice in the TID and broke it into three smaller
volumes of 4GB each. Again, web browsing and email appear to work
perfectly, just ftp and nntp time out.

I have the ftp and nntp proxies running and disabling them seems to make no
difference. I don't believe it is a filter problem since it works some of
the time.

How can I go about trouble-shooting this? Is there a place where I can
adjust the time-out interval for nntp and ftp?

Thanks for any help!