We are having several problems with our BM 3.8 PS4 (NW 6.5 SP3) server.
One of them is when we load the proxy.nlm. We are able to browse to the
internet and most of the filtering using SurfControl's CPFilter is working
but some aren't. Specifically, we have sent DENY to all Sex sites and BM
blocks some but not all. (The Deny setting is the First in the list in
NWAdmin Proxy settings.)

Our Proxy.NLM is Version 4.02.12 January 18, 2005
The ProxyCFG.NLM is Version 4.00.07 October 29, 2004

I have noticed an error when we load Proxy. Here is the Proxy load screen

************************************************** ***********************
Novell BorderManager Proxy Cache Server
reading AckwithNodata on Syn
Reading NDS configuration information

Cache is using 512 directories (configured with 512) on 4 volumes
Cache successfully initialized with 0 objects (0 files ignored).
Initializing SAS ....
Waiting for Directory Services to initialize before SAS login.
Waiting to read the SAS context from NDS.License Auditing Service Module

TCP/IP Addresses Bound On This Server:
Configured Services:
Proxy Requesting Client at all TCP/IP addresses:9491
HTTP Proxy at TCP/IP address XXX.XXX.XX.XXX:8080
HTTP Proxy at TCP/IPX address 0F670888:000000000001:1F90
** Error ** Register error 42
(possible fix: load ipxf.nlm and reload proxy)
Proxy SSL Listener at all TCP/IP addresses:446
MiniWeb Server at all TCP/IP addresses:1959
************************************************** ************************