Got my hands on one of these to do some testing. It comes with 4 simple non-hot swap SATA bays (includes the trays, screws and even a tool in the server door!). Its very quiet.

Out of the box HP only support Windows Server and Redhat on it at present.

Looked at the onboard RAID stuff, SLES 10 does not see a array if its configured. Works fine with the drives showing as SATA. Its ashame as the ATI raid stuff allows you to create diffrent logical drives on the same disks eg: 2 x 160GB, RAID1 with say 100GB Logical drive and 60GB Logical Drive presented to the OS.

Leads me to my next question:

Using the Linux Software RAID stuff what is the best practice?

I had a go configuing it using the NOWS SBE install only to find it wont boot when the installer does a re-start.

Is that because /boot is on md0?

If thats the case how do you get around it?

The HP ProLiant MicroServer has a internal USB slot, could one way to be use that for /boot then allowing the two drives I have in it to be in a Linux Software RAID group?

Also what about if I want to use proper NSS (and create a real NSS Pool etc), can LVM deal with that or is it only EVMS?

The nic, seems to be detected, tho not got as far as testing it yet.