When authenticating to BorderManager using the fully-distinguished user ID + tree name users are receiving the "Login failed. Please try again" error. I've read Craig's tip #28 and am willing to give it a try, but that tip is nearly 5 years old and I'm a little leery of deleting the LPO. All my proxy servers are running BM38sp3 with bm38sp3_ir1 on NW6.5 with sp3. I recently applied proxy.cfg rev 21 from Craig's site and was wandering if something in their may need to be tweaked. I had the tweak the HTTP tunneling to allow for port 8443, and thought maybe there was something new in this config that might also have to be tweaked for SSL proxy authentication, although I can seem to find anything.

A little history here. We recently split our tree, and what I've done is a fresh install of the proxy servers into the new tree. That way the OS is clean, and so is the install of BM, but I can't figure out why the full context login for SSL authentication won't work. Authenticating as a user in the default context works as expected.

We only use the proxy server for fast cache proxy, not for VPN or firewall.

-Ted T.