My problem is:

1. Environment: SBS 6.5 (SP3) with BM 3.8 (SP3)
no VPN
Workstations with Win XP Prof, IE 6 patched
IE configured to use BM as proxy (port 8080) for
all trafic except local
BM has only one network interface (public and

2. Issue:
If you try to open web page it is not fully opened or not
opened at all
until refresh command is issued. After refresh web page
reads nicelly, full and quickly.
Network trafic monitoring shows no trafic between BM and
Internet after a few packets
was transfered.
If you stop reading web page and enter web address once
again nothing changes,
only referesh helps.

3. What did I check ?
I changed cache size from 500MB to 1MB
with no influense.
If workstation reads web page 'directly'
(not using BM as proxy)
web page reads with no problem.
Issue is NOT apearing in random manner -
it is regular.
I checked it on two different Internet
connections - result the same.
Such a problem had not existed if there
had been SBS 5.1 with BM 3.6

I would be glad if someone who had such a problem can advise me what to do.
Any help is welcome :)