Server running:

We get 504 errors on som websites, f.i.:

I used Craig's proxy.cfg, did not solve the problem.

When I unload the filters and bypass the proxy, there is no problem. I can
then get to all the problematic sites.
With the filters unloaded, but going thru the proxy, problem is back again.
So, the problem must be in the proxy.

When I go into proxy console, 12, enter, , enter it shows:
Name: State: Cached Entry
Type: Resolved Through a DNS Name Server
Time Created: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 07:23:42 GMT
TTL in seconds: 800 Number of Lookups: 36
Cache Bytes Transmitted: 3,827
Bytes Physically Received From This Host: 65,045
Bytes Received Originating At This Host: 65,045
1 Port: 80 Fills: 16 UNREACHABLE

So, it seems that this host can be found. It can be reached, it can even
receive data from this host, but somewhere in between this process it is
I see the same thing when I go to Novell's site, I can get there, I can get
into the KB, I can go to the Patches part. but when I go to the filefinder
from there, I see only the upper half of the screen, So the page is not
With the teleroute site it is the same thing, I enter: and it jumps to:

I did run PKTSCAN. I see this (in NRM):

1419 599 123m HTTP: S=2631 GET
1420 1514 113u HTTP: D=2631 HTTP/1.0 504
Gateway Ti
1421 322 4u HTTP: D=2631 HTML data
1422 66 181u TCP: S=3936 D=80 SYN
1423 60 191u TCP: S=2631 D=8080 ACK
1424 62 28m TCP: S=2632 D=1959 SYN
1425 62 29u TCP: S=1959 D=2632 ACK SYN
1426 60 208u TCP: S=2632 D=1959 ACK
1427 372 2.9m TCP: S=2632 D=1959 ACK PSH

91.102 = client-PC, 91.1=BM-server/proxy, website
PKTSCAN has both adapters configured.

1419: Client sends request to proxy
1420: Proxy replies to client: 504, time-out
1421: Proxy sends some data to client
1422: Proxy goes out to the teleroute website

Trace is taken with filters unloaded!!

Why is this going all wrong?
How can I solve this problem?

Kind Regards,

Adrie de Regt