Has anyone seen this.

We have winXP SP2 on desktops and Border Manager 3.7 SP3 (about to go to
3.8). IE6 sends http,https and ftp requests via proxy configured in the
browser. This is fine, until I go somewhere like ftp://ftp.nai.com then it
just sits there and eventually times out. I know that there is a file in
that place called legal.txt, if i do ftp://ftp.nai.com/legal.txt, hey
presto, it displays the file.

If i add an entry in our firewall to allow the machine to bypass our proxy
and go directly to the net and then do ftp://ftp.nai.com, I get a list of
the folders that i expect to see.

If i attempt to put it through the proxy, the firewall logs show that the
machine itself is trying to get out (which fails 'cause there is no rule)

Anyone seen this before and has a fix, I have made loads of setting changes
in IE6 but it makes no differnece and I am able to replicate the problem
each and every time.

All thoughts welcome, apologies for long post.