I have an odd problem. Ordinarily when I see this message, it's on a new application and it's because I've made a mistake with the file path. Not this time. Out of the blue, one of our workstations can no longer copy files for any zen app. The zen apps that don't require copying of files work fine. The apps in question are user ones, not workstation ones. I've tried both mapped drives and UNC paths. I've tried re-creating an app from scratch. The user can copy the files in question manually. I've tried clearing the NALCACHE. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the zfd agent. The apps all work on other computers. For every user I've tried on this one workstation (even myself, with admin rights), no zen app can copy files.

Any suggestions before I give up and just replace the computer?

The workstation is Windows XP SP3 with Netware Client 4.91 SP5.